Aluminium Primer for Wood

A primer generally recommended for all types of wooh hardwood, based on a special leafing/flake aluminum pigment which prevents tannic acid bleeding. seals bitumen base coatings and surfaces.

Should not be confused with primers for aluminium.

Angle Bead

A galvanised or plastic angle beads  moulding for corners prior to plastering.


An Architect is a person who is employed by the client to design and oversee the construction works. Additional duties involve attending to all legal and planning matters along with the preparation of drawings, specification and site inspections


Trim lining around an opening but most commonly referred to as being around doors but also refers to masonry.


A sharp right angle edge normally relating to trim work such as architraves.




A mineral board containing asbestos fibres and generally supplied in plain or corrugated sheet form and other building items.
Also contained in some textured paints and ceiling decorative covering.
Although Asbestos has been banned since the early 1980's care should be taken during

renovation works and if in doubt professional advice should be obtained.


In architecture an Atrium or Skylight refers to  the centre of a entrance to a building, large room or court yard  with a glass roof which can be more than one story in height. 

Back Putty

A layer of putty used to embed glass into a frame before securing and applying the facing layer of putty

Backing Coat

Plastering term relating to a coarse mix of plaster applied to brick or blockwork before the finishing plaster is applied.


Part of a staircase which are the vertical uprights to an open staircase.