How is water based paint made

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How is water based paint made?

The components for a decorative water based paints are different to those for an oil based product and consist of a resin/binder which generally is either Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) or Acrylic resin containing a coalescent solvent which helps to bind , Pigments (the same as used in oil paints), Thinner (water) plus various additives such as anti-foaming, to stop aeration of the product particularly when applied by roller and leaving pin holes in the surface), thickening  agents to give  body and biocide(to stop mould growth within the  container).

Unlike oil based paints the manufacture of water based paints is easier byway of dispersing pigments and extenders into a solution  of water and resin PVE (Polyvinyl Acetate) using high speed mixers.

The range of water based coatings is extensive and manufacturers different formulations depending on their market target.

In general the variants in raw material can lead to product description being similar  but product quality can be different with the lower cost material not always offering the same coverage power (opacityflow (reducing brush or roller marks) and washability.

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