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Wood Rot


Wood Rot: comes in two forms Dry and Wet. (see wet rot)

Dry Rot. The term implies that the timber is in a dry condition but it would normally have a moisture content reading of approximately 28%.

This along with a damp humid environment can lead to fungal growths forming on the timber.

Once the fungi spores /growths are established even though the moisture content of the wood has dropped and the cause remedied, the spores can still survive if the moisture content in the timber is still around 20%.

The fungi feeds on the wood and extracts the moisture/water which results in the wood structure becoming dry and brittle.


The affected areas should be treated as soon as possible as the fungi spores can quickly spread. In domestic situations dry rot can often be found under floorboards at ground level where the air bricks are blocked. Other areas can be unvented cellars and roof spaces.

In these cases the assistance of a specialist wood preserving company should be sought.

For further information and specific advice contact:

https://www.rentokil.co.uk or search for local contractors

For wood repair systems: www.repair-care.co.uk  windowcaresystemsang


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