Waste Disposal (Paint and Hazardous Liquids)

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Waste Disposal.


On construction site the disposal of building waste including paint and hazardous materials and liquids should be cover at your site induction toolbox talk.

At this time information advising  the location areas  of the  disposal facilities should be included.

Checks should be made with the local authorities regarding the local facilities and regulations for commercial and domestic wastage.

Under no circumstances should paint products be disposed of into the nation water drainage system.

Part used paint containers should be filled with either sand or sawdust to consolidate the liquid and allow to dry be for disposal.

Dirty solvent (white spirit etc.) is classified as hazardous and should labelled according as this type of product can be reclaimed. 


Part tins of water based paints are available they could be offered to a local community organisation. https://communityrepaint.org.uk/

Dirty solvents.  After washing out brushes/rollers sleeves the solvent can be reclaimed for future use by transferring into a larger container. Once the solids have settled to the bottom the solvent can be syphoned off and reused.

A number of decorators merchants such as Johnstone Paints, Dulux and Crown Decorating Centre offer facilities where they will

take back used paint containers. Check local branch for terms and conditions.

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