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;Air spray presser unit and gun

A conventional air spray unit operates byway of a remote compressor and a pressure pot the size of which can be between 5 and 15 litres.

As the operating atomising pressure is set to 2-3 Bar (1 bar =14psi) this causes considerable over spray dust. Therefore extensive masking up and ventilation is necessary.

In cases where small work is required then in place of a pressure pot a spray gun with either a gravity or suction fed pot is attached to the spray gun.

Spray painting setup.

Before commencing always read the manufacture’s instructions for use and health and safety data sheets for both the equipment and paint products.

Ensure the work area is clear and free from obstacles, all preparation has been completed and areas not being sprayed are fully protected.

For air assisted spraying the type of compressor used is generally electric. However, note that on building/construction sites a 110 volt unit is required.


Connect the air line from the compressor onto the pressure pot and the air and fluid lines from the pressure pot onto the spray gun.

Place the mixed paint into the pressure pot and switch the compressor on and make sure that both the the air and paint fluid lines to the spray gun are also connected and open. Check the air pressure within the pressure pot is in accordance with the product data sheet. The air supply valve on the spray gun should be turned off. Aim the spray gun into an empty container, pull the spray gun trigger back and the paint should then uniformly flow out of the gun. Once satisfied that the flow is correct slowly open up the air line until the spray fan is as required for the work being carried out.

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