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Rendered Surfaces

Standard Rendering is based on three basic elements: 1 gypsum cement : 1 hydrated lime : 6 Sharpe sand and applied by trowel to a smooth finish.

Other methods of application by spray produce textured finishes some of which are self coloured and do not need painting.

There is a range of products available and can be oil or water based and include smooth coatings to heavy textured finishes.

Once decided on the  type of finish required and paint brand obtain the products data sheet of the company’s website and confirm it meets with your requirements.

Preparation for all  coatings.

Ensure the surface is dry and free from all dust, dirt, loose material and surface contaminates.

Apply the priming/sealer coat and finishing coats in accordance with the manufactures instructions.

Manufactures including the following offer a range of suitable products.

Andura Coatings.   Tel. 01869 240374

Dulux Trade.






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