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Failure of powder coated hand rails due to mechanical damage.

 Powder Coated Metal


Failure of powder coated hand rails due to mechanical damage or poor preparation of the metalwork prior to coating.[/caption


Powder coatings have benefits over a conventional oil based building paints, but when problems arise, then special treatment is required. (See specifications).
Other problems can arise besides those illustrated and can be caused during the application process. Bittiness can result in the work not being properly cleaned prior to spraying.  Bittiness can also result in weld spatter not being removed and may have to be ground off to provide a smooth surface.
Uneven application is generally associated with incorrect air pressure setup. During application the applicator should maintain continuous gun movement and a high film-thickness in areas, can result in an orange peek effect. If the item sprayed is uncured, then this is suspected then upon impact chipping can occur.
Under curing can also lead to surface bloom.

See Powder coating repainting in specifications.

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