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Powder Coatings Fraded and repainted
Powder Coatings Faded and repainted






Powder coated metal

When due to damage, fading or other reasons  repainting is require then a specific specification is required.

To apply a conventional oil based paint system is not advisable as adhesion problems can be encountered.

Recommended Specification.

Remove by the most appropriate means, all surface contaminates, dust, dirt, loose or otherwise defected material back to a firm edge .

Feather off all edges with suitable grade abrasive paper to a smooth surface leaving it clean and dry.



As special adhesion and metal primers are recommended, contact should be made with the selected manufacture to enquire of their specific recommendations and systems.

Note: The following manufactures product range include suitable materials.

Bradite. http://bradite.com

Dulux. https://www.dulux.co.uk/products-listing

Zinsser. http://www.zinsseruk.com/product

Johnstone’s https://www.johnstonestrade.com/products


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