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 Floculation is a manufactering fault.

. Flocculation (floating)


Flocculation (floating) is caused when the pigments have not been dispersed correctly during the manufacturing process. It can also occur if the product is obtained from a supplier who has used a colour tinting machine to provide the shade required. And the mixing/agitation of the paint has not been sufficient to disperse the added colourants.


If the paint product was factory made and tinted it would not be possible to have this dispersion rectified, therefore, a new batch would be required. If the product has been mixed by an independent supplier, then it may be possible to have the paint agitated again to disperse the colourants properly.  When more than one tin of  the same colour is obtained and mixed at source, each tin supplied should be boxed together before use to ensure uniformity of colour.                                      

Flocculation is a manufacturing fault




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