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MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is used extensively for trim work such as architraves, skirting board. plain and panelled doors.

It can be supplied either untreated or with a factory applied priming coat.

If  the priming coating is in sound condition can be overcoated with oil or water based undercoats and finishing coats.

Any damaged or raw areas should be re-primed using an oil based primer.

Painting system.

New MDF.

Remove by the most appropriate means all surface contamination. Lightly abrade the surface with medium grit 120 grade. Dust off and wipe clean with damp cloth and leave to dry.

Raw edges should be filled with suitable wood filler or a thin coat of a ready mixed fine plaster filler or drywall compound both of which are easy to sand down to give a smooth finish. After sanding and removing all surface dust, apply one coat of primer and recommended number of finishing coats  in accordance with the selected manufacture’s product information data sheets.

Note; Not all water based primers are suitable for MDF as they may cause the wood fibres to swell which would then be difficult to rub down to a smooth surface. Therefore check the manufactures  recommendations before use.

PPE. As the composition of MDF is made from fine wood fires when sanding or cutting it is essential that a suitable face mask and eye goggles are worn,


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