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Masonry Paint onto New Work.

Remove all mortar splashes, make good where necessary with the appropriate external plaster filler. Ensure the surface is dry, clean and free from surface contaminates; mould, lichen. and  efflorescence.

Traditional common bricks (Fletton) and polished concrete should be acid washed (hydrochloric) or sweet blasted to obtain a suitable key for painting.


Generically, onto new work all systems would require 1 sealer coat followed by 2 full coats of the masonry paint.

Manufactures products can vary from, modified PVA external coatings, Acrylic based paints, modified Silicone based coats and oil coatings based on Pliolite®resin.

As painting systems vary from different manufactures reference should be made to their product data sheet to ensure it meets with the required performance.


See problems and Remedies Carbonation of Concrete.

Pliolite ® trademark is registered to Goodyear Tyre and Rubber company.

Suppliers of Masonry finishes include:

Andura Coatings.

Johnstone Paints.

International Paints.

Dulux Paints.

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