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Protection of Surfaces

Different types of covering sheeting/foils are available to suit all eventualities where care is required to protect clients furnishings and fittings when interior/exterior projects are carried out.



Absorbent reusable water repellent fleece Absorbent   Fleece 

Re-usable and absorbing covering fleece for all kinds of surfaces absorbing fleece on the upper side waterproof PE coating with non-skid bottom.

Plasters Covering Plasterers Covering

 High quality covering foil for most applications.

Self adhesive floor covering  Self Adhesive Floor Coverings 

Self adhesive protection foil for surfaces like wood, laminate flooring, tiles and stones the adhesive layer is on the outside of the roll, therefore easy to roll out high protection against damage or pollution clean removable up to two months.


self-adhesive breathable protection fleece – lightweight and very strong breathable and liquid proof – clean removable up to two months after instalment


Transparent protective film for soft surfaces such as carpet and flooring with an adhesive layer on the outside,

so easy roll out – can be left for up to two before removal after providing high protection against damage or contamination.


White protection foil with adhesive layer – designed to protect painted surfaces from weather and minor mechanical damage – resistant to chemicals and easy to remove











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