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Varnishes and Translucent Stain Finishes.

While hardwoods are often allowed to weather naturally others prefer to treat the wood with either varnish or translucent wood stains.


All surface contaminants should by the most appropriate means  followed by sanding down with suitable grade of glass- sand or garnet paper to prove a smooth surface.

Any visible resin around knots  or sap residue should be removed and the surface wiped over with methylated spirit. When dry two thin coats of a white shellac


Clear shellac should be used over any knots or sap residue.

All making good should be carried out with an appropriate wood filler and tinted to match the surrounding surface and sanded down.


Apply one sealer coat and two full coats of the selected  coating following the manufactures instructions

Note: If a normal coloured shellac knotting is used the shade will mirror through any subsequent clear or tinted finish.

Linseed oil putty should not be used for glazing or filling. Alkyd based sealants are recommended

Any discolouration of the bare wood due to weathering or water attack can be difficult to remove but treating the area with Oxalic Acid may remove the discolouration.

See: Problems and remedies Flaking of Stained  wood finishes.

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