Accelerated Weather Testing

External weathering  test bed to establish the durability of paint coatings.

Acrylated Rubber - Acid Resistant

The ability of a paint coating to resist acid attack e.g. acrylated rubber.  Chlorinated rubber based materials are often referred to but now also referred to as  acrylated rubber.

Acrylic Resin

A hard wearing binder used in water based paints.

Acrylic resin is also be used in other paints to improve the adhesion and durability.

Adjustable Tip


 An airless spray gun with an adjustable tip (yellow) to adjust the spray fan width while in use.

After Tack

Where a paint film dries up to a certain level but then remains tacky.  This generally occurs when exterior varnishes based on a long oil medium is used.

Air Brush

A small spray gun with gravity feed pot.


Airless Spray Problem


Airless Spraying in Advances Decorators Skills






Alkali-resisting Paints

Generally water-based paint such as P.V.A., masonry paints, cement-based paint, bituminous paints and epoxy resin paints which are resistant to alkali attack.

Aluminium Primer for Wood

A primer generally recommended for all types of wooh hardwood, based on a special leafing/flake aluminum pigment which prevents tannic acid bleeding. seals bitumen base coatings and surfaces.

Should not be confused with primers for aluminium.

Amine Bloom

Amine Bloom, is caused when using a two component epoxy coatings where the material is applied to damp surfaces or when high humidity is present.