Wet Film Thickness Gauge

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Wet Film Thickness Gauge

Wet film thickness gauges are used when a specific  dry or wet film thickness are recommended/specified.

To calculate a required dry film thickness (d.f.t) from a wet film thickness (w.f.t) it is necessary to know the volume solids content of the paint coating.

The solids content can be obtained from the products technical data sheet.

Calculation formula for a dry film thickness from the wet film thickness d.f.t.=w.f.t. X % volume solids ÷ 100

To measure the wet film thickness  required : w.f.t.=d.f.t. X 100 ÷ % volume solids.

See:  https://www.elcometer.com/en/coatings-inspection/all-coatings-inspection/wet-film-powder-thickness/elcometer-112al-punched-wet-film-combs-aluminium-1.html

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