What is Distemper

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What is Distemper

Distemper is available in three qualities, soft, hard and oil based.

Soft distemper is the most permeable for interior use and the dry film is chalky and can easily rub rub off when brushed.


Hard distemper is modified with casein (glue) to offer greater resistance to abrasion.

Oil based has been modified with oils such as raw linseed oil giving greater resistance to wetting.



All surfaces new or previously applied distemper should be thoroughly cleaned down by the most appropriate means to remove loose, defective material, dust, dirt, organic growths and any other contaminates to leave the surface clean and dry.

Areas affected by organic growths should be treated with a fungicidal solution in accordance with manufactures instruction.

All making good with the appropriate filler and sanded down.


Apply one coat of Clearcole primer to all new or bare areas of plaster and allowed to dry.


Apply two or more coats of Distemper in accordance with the manufactures instructions.


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