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Problems do arise from time to time, “What’s gone wrong?”; “What should I do?”; “Am I going to be blamed”?; “Will I be out of pocket?”; “Will I lose a client?”.

These are all questions which can quickly run through the minds of those who encounter a problem.

It is quite easy to seek help from your product supplier and if necessary ask for the assistance of the paint manufacturer’s technical staff. They are there to help, not to apportion blame.

Today’s technology and production faculties enable manufactures to produce paint in large batch sizes of up 40,000 litres at any one time.

Quality control procedures by raw material suppliers and the manufacture ensure as far as possible, that the products manufactured are consistent. Even so they too can occasionally get it wrong.

For technical and environmental reasons, coatings have changed over the years along with the types of surfaces that require painting. These changes have made it more difficult to always get it right and it is not necessarily the problem of anyone person.

When it is necessary to call in the supplier/manufacture or an independent consultant, to save unnecessary time it is best to obtain all the relevant details relating to the issue and the following is suggested:

          • Name, Address, Telephone Number.
          • The best time to contact.
          • Your Client’s Name and Address (with consent).
          • Information relating to the product (s) used.
          • Specification employed. Who issued the specification
          • Interior – Exterior.
          • Surface condition.
          • Weather conditions.
          • Temperature.
          • Batch numbers of the product (s) used (always printed on containers).
          • Method of application.
          • Your interpretation of the problem.

The above will enable the supplier/manufacture to check if the actual product (s) of the same batch is/are in stock. If not, they can check the retained sample. (All manufactures retain a small sample of the product batch for 12 months or longer). It is always best to deal with matters in this way, as the supplier’s/manufacture’s representative will know before arriving on site if the product is at fault or not.



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