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Concrete Flooring New

When new concrete flooring is laid, it is occasionally finished off by polishing to produce the smooth seamless floor.

In instances where a coating is required, then the moisture content of the concrete substrate should be no higher than 5% and specific moisture meter instruments are available for checking purposes.

Because a polished floor can leave residual cementitious material on the surface, this should be removed by washing with hydrochloric acid.

Following the preparatory work, then numerous types of floor coatings can be applied ranging from low film build water-based materials to high build two pack polyurethane or epoxy coatings.

Concrete Flooring Existing 

Existing floorings could have been exposed to different types of usage and the condition may warrant additional preparation before being refurbished.  In preparing existing, textured flooring not matter how fine it may be that mechanical equipment should be considered, such as scrabbling machine or a light sandblast.

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