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Special Effects


Rag Rolling.

This effect is obtained by rolling over a newly applied coat of glaze a onto a previously applied  base colour  with either clean rag, or polythene twisting the rolling motion to produce a marble type appearance.  





A decorative effect achieved by applying a wet coat of glaze over a base coat colour and tapping the surface with a stippling brush.



Sponging Off

 Sponging Off

This paint effect is achieved by using a slightly moist natural sea sponge which is tapped across the newly applied coat of glaze removing some of the newly applied wet glaze coat.



Sponging On

Sponging On 

This design is created by using a natural sea sponge which is then dipped into the glaze then tapped over the surface turn the hand in different directions to produce the required pattern and texture.




This mottled effect is achieved by applying a glaze coat over a coloured base coat in different directions then with a brush lightly glide over the surface to soften the appearance.




This is effect is achieved by taking a crunched up piece of polythene to form creases and tapped onto the wet glaze coating.



This is a paint effect is produced using a dragging brush ( as in graining) which is pressed into the wet coating of glaze to form straight lines.




This effect is created by taking lining paper (800 grade) crunched up then opened up and  laid out and placed over

 a wet coating of glaze and finely smoothed over with a brush.




Leather Roller

This type of roller is formed by taking cut pieces of chamois leather screwed into a roller sleeve. Once formed the roller is then used to run over a wet coating of glaze in various directions  to produce the required pattern.



Grain Effect Using Rocker

Woodgrain effect

This grain effect is produced by using a graining rocker.



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