A Step Too Far

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A Step Too Far

The ‘Waymarkings’ were applied to a newly laid concrete surface, but soon after the areas were commissioned, but after a matter of a few weeks the erosion of the paint coating became apparent.

As the parties involved could not agree as the cause of the erosion, it was agreed to employ the services of an independent coating consultant.

Examination of the paint coating sample.

Reverse side of the sample removed showing latent cement particles attached to the reverse side of the paint film.

Film thickness of the tape use

50 ᶣ micrometres

Film thickness including paint, cementous residue and tape =70µ micrometres

Further examination of the sample was carried out under the microscope

Reverse side of the sample showing latent

Cementitious particle attached to the paint film.

Cross section of the removed sample showing the degree of cementitious material and the thin line showing the paint film.


Although the concrete flooring was new with a polished float finish there was no preparatory work carried out to ensure any latent material was not present. The contractor had to prepare and recoat at his cost.

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